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My striiv will not wake up!!

My screen is black. I tried what was suggested and it still won't wake up! Help please....

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Several trackers the two used most the bio 2 and fusion no longer start the screen completely black I tried all I know reset button on one the other just plug in HELP?

No Screen tried everything like restart, reinstall and long charger but no screen, help

I have the APEX HR, 1st one had the same blank screen issue, HR monitor remained flashing.

Received replacement nugget, within 45 days same issue.  I have avoided getting it wet despite it being marketed as being able to.  Seems like very poor product design.  If I had to do it again, I would invest in another tracker.

The battery in my Striiv Apex HR tracker will not charge and the screen is black. When I plug it into the computer to charge and press the button on the side the tracker will not wake up.

The battery in my Striiv Apex HR tracker will not charge. I cannot get it to charge and wake up when I double tap it or push the button on the side. Any solutions?

Sadly that’s true.

this is a settled conclusion striiv doesn't care abotu customers or defective products.

Just try and connect your Striiv to a battery source, flip the switch on/off and wait for a few minutes.
I just received it and is all black.?

After unplugged from charging overnight, my strive will not come on.  What can I do to reboot it?


The paper clip hole is on the Striiv Play Pedometer.  On your smart, I believe the reset procedure to force the wake up is to hold the power button down extra time.  I think a minute or so should be a safe if exceptionally long time unless you see the screen change before then.  After releasing the button you may have to press it again to turn it on as normal.

I that fails you'll need to open a support ticket with Striiv to get a replacement.


I've barely had my Striiv smart pedometer for a month and now it won't turn on. It's been charging all night so I know that's not the issue. I'm not sure what everyone is talking about the reset paper clip hole either, because my Smart only has a pwer button, the charger button, and the thing to connect the holder.

Tried resetting. Charged all night. Can't get it to start...any suggestions? I have had it for about 2 years. Did it die of old age? Or is there something else I should try?

This morning I took my Striiv off the USB cable after charging it all night and the screen was locked at " 0 steps" with the " unlock" button showing. It wouldn't clear when I pressed unlock. I have had my Striiv lock up before so I knew to hold the on/off button down for 20 seconds and then press the button to turn it on...but it won't turn on now. Black screen. I charged it all morning think maybe somehow there is a problem there, but still won't wake up...tried resetting it good. Is it now a brick? I have loved my Striiv...this is my second one but won't be able to afford a 3rd. :(
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