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Not counting steps

Can u please help its been weeks and it has been messing up and not coining my steps

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I purchased Fusion's for my wiofe and myself.  Neither one accurately counts steps or remotely is close to mileage walked.  I have compared GPS measurements to the Fusion results and they vary from time to time, but are NEVER close.  While I really like the functionality of teh notifications, the inability of the device to accurately measure steps or mileage would dissuade me from purchasing again or recommending  the item.

Thanks, Jeffrey, at least I know I'm not alone.  One reason I bought the Walgreen Tracker is because I can earn Reward Points by syncing my Tracker to my Walgreen account.  But, since it's not counting everything, I guess Walgreens won't be "paying me out" for all of my effort.  And that's not acceptable to me.   

Teetering on the brink of returning it to the store and just investing in a quality pedometer!  

I just got Mine today, let it charge put it on and I get nothing everything is stuck on 0, I tried factory resetting it and everything. nothing wont Budge off of 0

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