Check out our helpful guide to setting up your Band!

Download the Striiv App onto your phone from Google Play or the App store.

Next, you will be prompted through the following screens:

  • Charge your Band. 
1. Line up the gold contacts on the underside of the Band with the gold prongs in the charging cradle, Close the cradle completely (the latch needs to be completely slid to the right). 
2. Plug the cradle into the cord and the cord into a USB power outlet (computer or wall unit). 
3. When you see your Band’s screen light up you will know that it is charging correctly.

  • Sync your Band. Bring your Band, still plugged in, as close to your smart phone/tablet as possible. Press the “next” button on the app.

  • Connecting. The Band will go through four steps to completely connect — activating bluetooth, identifying device, contacting server, and registering account.

If you have trouble pairing your Band, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Remove the Band from the cradle and replace it.

  • Turn your phone/tablet's airplane mode off and on.

  • Force quit/restart the app and reset the Band with a paperclip (the Band must be plugged in and charging).

  • On Android? Try clearing the data cache from the Striiv app on your phone’s app manager.

  • Restart your phone. 

Once your Band is connected to your account, the app will check that your Band's firmware is up to date. If you need an update, it should start automatically. Be sure to keep your Band plugged in and charging, and close to your phone/tablet.

Still can't pair your Band to your phone/tablet? Email us at and let us know where the pairing process is failing.