If you want to remove the Band from your account, tap on the Band tile on the app home screen. You will see the Band info screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see the option to “Deregister device”. Tap that button and follow the prompts to un-pair the Band from your account.

Please note that removing the Band from your account will also ‘hide’ the sleep data (tile and chart) from your account. Pairing a device that tracks sleep (another Band, Touch etc.) will restore the sleep data to your account.

Removing your Band may impact that day’s data, so we recommend un-pairing at the end of the day after your final sync, or first thing in the morning, before you have taken any steps.

Once you un-pair your Band, you can pair it again to your account by going to the app menu (3 horizontal bars at the top left of the app home screen) and tapping on ‘pair device’.