We here at Striiv never stop improving our devices, so don’t be surprised to see update invites for your Band’s firmware.

A couple of tips to note:

  1. Your Band must have at least 10% battery in order to complete an update.
  2. If, when the update alert appears, you chose ‘later’ you can trigger the update by tapping on the Band device tile on the app home screen. You will see device info listed. If you have an update that needs to be completed, it will be first on the list. Tap on ‘software update’ to start the process. 

If your update gets stuck in the "connecting" phase for an extended period of time, we suggest following these steps:

  1. Force quit and restart the Striiv app to exit the update. 
  2. Select the Band tile on the app home screen, then select "Deregister device" and follow the prompts to un-pair your Band.  
  3. Re-pair the Band with your account by selecting the menu (3 horizontal bar icon at the top left of the app home screen), then select 'pair device' and follow the prompts to do so. 
  4. The update should begin automatically when you successfully re-pair the Band. If not, follow the second tip above.