For Android users

Pairing the Fusion2 to your account should automatically set up your device to start receiving notifications. The Striiv app will need to remain running in the background of your phone. Bluetooth must also remain on to keep the Striiv device connected with the app. 


Double check the Fusion2 settings (tap the gear icon on the gray device banner at the top of the app home screen) to make sure notifications are turned 'on':



For iOS users

Your phone/tablet needs to recognize your Fusion2 as a bluetooth accessory. During the initial set-up, you should have seen a pop up from your phone, asking you if you wanted to pair a device (the device ID was 20 digits, starting with the letter J).


If you did not see this pop up, or aren’t sure, go to your phone/tablet settings, and select Bluetooth. Under ‘devices’ you should see your Fusion2 ID (displays as Striiv Fusion2, with 4 characters after that). If it says ‘connected’, great! You are ready to receive notifications.


If it says ‘not connected’, forget the device in Bluetooth settings by selecting the "i" next to the connection status, then force quit and restart the Striiv app on your phone/tablet to reconnect the Fusion2 via double tapping the device display with the app open


Double check the Fusion2 settings (tap the gear icon on the gray device banner at the top of the app home screen) to make sure the notifications are turned 'on':



If you have any issues receiving notifications, please reference the following linked article here.