From the app home screen, tap on the 3 bars icon on the upper left to open the app menu, then tap Goals. Here you will see Daily Activity Goals and Weekly Logging Goals (used for journaling). Tapping each field allows you to enter your desired goal. 

Fusion and Touch model devices only

Journaling goals under Weekly Logging Goals will ask you how many days of the week you'd like to log when first setting your goals.  A video demo can be viewed here

In addition to creating goals for logging your weight, diet and medication, you can also create Alarm Reminders (for each logging goal) to configure your tracker to vibrate when it's time to log. Edit the alarm title, time(s), and number of days it repeats to create reminders that fit your schedule. Navigation to journaling reminders can be viewed hereThe alarm that you set in the app will buzz your tracker when it's time to log.