When you first install the app, you will be prompted to either create an account or logging into an existing account. More on that here.

Once logged in, the app will ask you to pair your Striiv device. If you skipped this prompt and wish to pair your device, this can be done by tapping  on the upper left, then tap "(Pair) Device". 

With a Striiv device paired to the app, you will gain access to all the features the app provides. All Striivers, regardless of which app-compatible device you use, will see a friends and Myland tile. The friends tile displays friends' step progress throughout the day. More info on how to add friends here. The MyLand tile takes you to a fitness based game, where steps tracked in our world translate to energy and coins used to rebuild a virtual world. More info on MyLand here

The gray device banner at the top of the home screen displays the connection status and battery percentage of the paired Striiv device. Tapping the gear icon on the banner pulls up the device info screen, giving you access to device settings. 

The speech bubble icon on the upper right is the "Chat" function, which allows you to message Striiv friends directly. 

Swiping from left to right on the home screen will open the app menu. Tapping  on the upper left will do so as well.