• Fixes vibrating alarm repeat function, which specifies what days of the week a set alarm will go off.


  • Fixes Journaling reminder bug.


  • Additional journaling options added, including the following:Artboard 4.jpgavoid gluten,Artboard 5.jpgavoid sugar,Artboard 6.jpgmeasure blood sugar,Artboard 7.jpgchores,Artboard 8.jpgwalking pet,Artboard 10.jpgpersonal goal 1,Artboard 9.jpgpersonal goal 2,Artboard 11.jpgmeditation,Artboard 12.jpgexercise
  • Auto-sleep - manual sleep (moon icon) toggle removed, simply wear your tracker to track sleep.
  • Do not disturb mode - toggle on to disable all notifications, and toggle off to allow notifications.


  • ┬áStreamlined journaling screens to allow for quick and easy logging.