The Bio Lite utilizes auto-sleep tracking - all you need to do is wear your tracker when you sleep. No need to toggle sleep mode on or off. We do recommend syncing the tracker with the app after sleep is tracked - simply double tap the tracker with the app open to prompt a sync.
Auto-sleep tracking is based on motion. There is a time delay (roughly 20-25 minutes of little to no registered movement) before sleep begins to track. There is an auto-exit function in place as well, which is triggered based on tracked motion being analyzed as the tracker progressively transmits data to our servers.

The Bio Lite tracks three different levels of activity while you are sleeping: asleep, restless, and awake. 

Asleep is when you are completely at rest.

Restless activity is measured by general body movement, e.g. turning over, adjusting your pillow, etc.

Awake is when you get up and walk around -- e.g. to go to the bathroom, to take the dog out for a walk, etc.


To view recorded sleep, select the sleep tile (shows a moon) on the Striiv app home screen to view the daily sleep charts. To change the date view to a day view (and take a closer look at tracked sleep in further detail), tap the "D" option at the top of the graph. Learn more about charts here.


If you're having issues with sleep charts, have a look at the chart loading issue article here.