The Premium Journaling Package is a set of 7 daily journals for Bio Lite users to track even more healthy habits:

Artboard 4.jpgavoid gluten

Artboard 5.jpgavoid sugar

Artboard 8.jpgwalking pet

Artboard 10.jpgpersonal goal 1

Artboard 9.jpgpersonal goal 2

Artboard 11.jpgmeditation

Artboard 12.jpgexercise

When you log a journal, you simply answer “yes” or “no” to whether or not you followed your journal for the day. Adding a log to the new journals will follow the same process as our existing weight/diet/medication/hydration journals.


Swipe to the left of the time/date screen on the tracker to select apps > then tap to view the original 4 journals, with the additional 7 following that. Tap on any of the additional 7 journal options and you will be asked if you followed your journal, followed by the yes/no options.


Additionally, you can add a journal from the Striiv app home screen. Simply tap on the journaling + button on the bottom right and select the journal you would like to log. Then input the value and save the journal.


After you log a journal, you can see your journal history in a calendar view by tapping on the respective journaling tile on the app home screen.