Do Not Disturb mode is a new feature that will mute incoming phone/text/app notifications when turned on. When Do Not Disturb mode is on, you will see Artboard 2.jpg appear in place of date when the tracker is turned on via double tap.


To turn off/on Do Not Disturb mode, swipe to the left of the time/date screen on the tracker to select apps blob1477689991292.png, then tap on the mute icon Artboard 2.jpg. After tapping the mute icon, you'll see the prompt "Notifications (ok)", then pressing the "ok" button will display the off/on toggle screen. If you want to activate Do Not Disturb, tap “on”. If you want to deactivate Do Not Disturb, tap “off”. After your selection, you will see a confirmation screen: 

  • (on)Artboard 2.jpg
  • (off)Artboard 3.jpg