The Apex HR bases displayed time/date on the time and date set on the phone/tablet the Apex HR is connected to. Each time the tracker is reconnected with the Striiv app, time and date are updated. To reconnect the Apex HR, simply double tap or press the button on the side of the Apex HR with the app open. If that doesn't do the trick, you'll need to force quit and restart the app, then double tap/press the button on the Apex HR with the app open. 


If tapping the gear icon on the gray device banner at the top of the Striiv app home screen does not show Tracker Settings, the Apex HR will need to be factory reset in order to re-pair with the app:

  • Turn on the Apex HR and press the button on the side to scroll to and select settings > swipe up on the screen to reach the factory reset screen , tap the arrow icon to select and tap the check mark to confirm. and a battery icon will then appear, which signals your tracker is ready to be paired through the following process: