Here's the step by step instructions:

  1. Open the Striiv Activity Tracker app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. At the top of the app’s Home screen, tap the  icon.
  3. Tap Vibrating Alarm (iOS)/Alarms & Reminders (Android).
  4. On the Vibrating Alarm screen, select the ‘+’ to add a new alarm.
  5. Set the time and day(s) (iOS: edited via the 'repeat' function) of your new alarm.
  6. To customize the alarm message, select the ‘message/name’ function visible when creating (or editing) an alarm to edit the text (15 characters max).
  7. Select ‘Save’ to save your new alarm.
  8. Create up to 10 alarms maximum if you wish.
  9. Select the sync button (represented by a floppy disk icon) to save the alarm(s) to your Striiv Activity Tracker app and to your tracker.
  10. A bell icon alarm-set.png will appear on the clock screen of your tracker once alarms have synced.

When the alarm triggers on the tracker, you can tap the "z" icon to snooze for 1 minute, or tap the bell with a line through it to turn off the alarm: 



To edit an existing alarm, (iOS: select the 'edit' function on the upper left of the Vibrating alarm screen) tap on the alarm you wish to edit. 


If you wish to delete an existing alarm:

  • iOS: selecting the "edit" function on the upper left, then tap on the red circle to the left of the alarm info to begin the deletion process. Select "delete", and a line will be drawn through the alarm indicating that you have request the alarm be deleted. To finalize the deletion, tap the orange "unsynced" symbol and the alarm will disappear from the vibrating alarm settings.
  • Android: swipe the listed alarm to the right or left to delete.