There are multiple options to try to bring your device back to life. We've numbered these below in the order in which they should be attempted:

  1. Use alternate charging sources - wall outlet, computer usb port etc.
  2. Clean the USB dongle contacts using rubbing alcohol and and a cotton swab or brush (old toothbrush works best). If there is any gunk or dirt on these contacts, you will have issues charging the device. The contacts should be a shiny silver in appearance. 
  3. Finally (if the device has been paired with the app) select the device banner (gray in color) at the top of the app home screen, then scroll down to selectde-register device and follow the prompts to do so. This will put the device in pairing mode, and require you to re-pair the device with the app. 

If the device turns on when plugged in and displays, this signals that your device needs to be paired with the app through the process outlined here.


Still not charging? Drop us a line at, and let us know what you've tried.