How do I turn on and navigate through my Dash HR?

Your Dash HR responds to several different finger motions: 

  • Double tap the Dash HR, or press the side button to turn on the screen.
  • Press the side button to scroll through the main screens (clock & activity, journals, notifications, and settings).
  • Swipe the screen to scroll through different screens. You can swipe up and down.
  • Press the Striiv logo to return to the clock screen.

You'll notice several different screens on your Dash HR as you scroll up, down, and sideways: 

  • When the Dash HR is turned on, a time/date screen will appear.
  • Below the time/date screen you will see your activity stat screens for steps, heart rate, miles, calories and active minutes.
  • Pressing the side button to go to the right of the clock screen, you will see Journals, Notifications, and Settings. Journals and Notifications allow you to log journals and view received notifications on your device. Settings displays current battery percentage (battery-100.png 100%, battery-75.png 75%, battery-50.png 50%, battery-25.png 25%) and accesses various device toggles and technical info.

Now, what do all these symbols mean in the Settings screen - let's walk through each one!

  • Notifications notification-on.png - allows you to mute/unmute notifications. More info here.
  • Wrist Turn Wake wrist-turn-on.png- toggles the ability to turn on the screen via wrist rotation. More info here.
  • Brightness Brightness-3.png - adjusts brightness to 1 of 3 settings - tap the number to adjust.
  • Restart  - turns the device off and back on.
  • Factory Reset - wipes the device of all data and requires re-pairing. More info here.
  • Tracker Info - accesses software version, device ID and much more (this section of the tracker is mostly used for troubleshooting issues, so there's no need to get too acquainted with it).